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    Testing a Homemade Trommell

    Adventurous travelers are always looking for something new, and to meet this need, in recent years there has been a something of a new form of tourism growing in the state of Alaska. Several historically productive gold mines have created facilities to bring in prospectors and tourists to see and experience the remote gold country of the Alaskan wilderness and find their own nuggets. Good sized nuggets are found, some valued at more than $10,000. Comfortable facilities and some luxuries allow the traveler to experience the wild backwoods of Alaska without the hardships of the pioneers.

    It took me over 32 years to find one of the coolest hobbies I have ever done. Gold panning can be one of the neatest things you can do. The first time I went panning was about 3 months ago. Me and my dad decided to go to Dahlonega, Ga for our first prospecting experience. It took about 3 hours to get there from Alabama and we were shocked

    Sharp increases in the price of gold over recent years have brought a new breed of prospectors out into the hills. In the deserts, on the hillsides and in the mountain streams, there is still gold to be found in many places. Every year there are still great finds being made, mostly in the western states.

    How To Pan For Gold

    Panning for gold in a stream, like the old timers did it, is not as difficult as you may think. By practicing in your back yard with a simple setup will prepare you for the real deal.

    Fun And Fortune With A Gold Detector

    Gold hunting always remained the vocation of the mighty emperors or the daring treasure hunters or pirates. It was never estimated as the hobby that can be pursued by a common man like you and me. However, with the help of a simple device called gold detector you can also become the owner of loads of gold like the heroes of the past.

    Panning For Gold In Alaska

    Alaska is truly one of the world's most beautiful places. Many of those who visit today are drawn by the beauty of nature and abundance of outdoor activities available. In the late 1800s floods of people were drawn to Alaska for another reason; gold. Many new settlements were established as a result. Many of these settlements, Fairbanks, Juneau and Nome, still exist today.