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Metal Detectors

    Metal Detector Review - Garrett GTP 1350

    The Garrett 1350 GTP metal detector has features not found on other units or brands. See what makes this one of the best buys in the mid-price range of the treasure hunting hobby.

    Tesoro Metal Detector Review

    Find thousands of coins, artifacts, gold and silver jewelry with a metal detector that will not cost you a fortune. The Tesoro Silver Sabre uMax is rugged, dependable, simple to learn and has a lifetime guarantee. This detector goes deep and has a waterproof coil.

    Pulse Induction Metal Detectors

    Revolutionary new models of metal detectors soon to be released. Check out the advantages of owning a Pulse Induction (PI) metal detector. These machine already go very deep! Get excited about the new ones while checking out the many models out there now.

    There is excitement in the air concerning Pulse Induction (PI) metal detectors. It is said that a revolutionary model is about to be released by several manufacturers. The main characteristic of PI detectors is their ability to ignore both conductive and non-conductive mineralization in the environment at the same time, while maintaining high sensitivity to all metal targets. Another positive feature is their detection range is not affected by the medium between the coil and the target. Performance for the most part is not hindered by water, sand, silt, solid coral and generally speaking, the air. Some PI's I have used do not go as deep to locate a target in the air as they do for submerged or buried targets.