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Metal Detecting

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    Staffordshire Gold Hoard

    On a farm near his home Terry Herbert shows off the metal detector that led him to the gold. "I just couldn't stop the items from coming out of the ground," he says. He received half the
    treasure's assessed value of almost $5.3 million

    You can teach an old dog new tricks in the metal detecting hobby. Learn how to find more treasure and less junk.

    Technology is changing, detectorists are sharing information at club meetings and online, new detecting aids are abounding in the market place and there is a plethora of new metal detectors being offered. All of these major factors and many smaller ones are contributing to a wealth of new metal detector/detecting tips for the seasoned veterans as well as the newbies to the hobby.

    Metal Detecting is a fun hobby or business. Many treasure hunters combine business
    with pleasure in treasure hunting. There is treasure buried all over the US and the world just waiting for you to come by.

    Here is an interesting story on one of our great finds. Coin shooting in a park. Over $300 worth of gold found in a local city park!

    Beach and Water Treasure Hunting with a Metal Detector

    Can you be arrested using a metal detector? The short of it is yes. On the federal level, in all federal parks, all US Parks, and historical sites and monuments there is no treasure hunting allowed. You could be arrested for just having a metal detector in your car in a national park. About two-thirds of the states has some type of restrictive park rules for the state parks.

    To find the old locations, research is the key. If you haven't resided in the area very long, look for some folks who have. There are many locations where fairs and carnivals set up which are no longer there.

    Also at the current locations, right after the carnival packs up and leaves is good for coin and jewelry hunting.

    If you want to have some fun and have an entertaining treasure hunt, try the Western Ghost Towns.

    The ones I'm referring to are the ones you need a four wheel drive vehicle to get to them. The key to finding these ghost towns is "research". The first place most people start is buying a book on ghost towns in the area they are going to treasure hunt. It is best to have a topographical map of the area also. Another good source is the local historical society. They usually have old photographs of long gone ghost towns.

    Turn Your Metal Detecting Hobby into a Business.

    In this article we are going to address ways you can use your metal detecting fun into earning some money.

    How many times have you heard about someone losing a ring, bracelet or other item of value? They may have lost it in the yard, at church, or some other entertainment activity.

    When you hear, read or see someone looking for something they lost, offer your metal detecting service for a fee. The fee could be a flat charge, a percentage of the value of the item. You may want to barter or trade for something.

    We are going to show you how to find hidden Treasures at old racetracks.

    Do you have an old racetrack in your area? Ideally one no longer in use. The primary focus will be where the bleachers and concession stand were located.

    During races the fans clapped, yelled and jumped up and down. They lost money, jewelry and other items. Normally if they knew they lost the item, and unless it was very valuable they would not bother to go under the bleachers to look for it.

    This article will reveal ways to find treasures around Bars and Restaurants. If you have resided in your area for any length of time you may be familiar with some old sites where these types of establishments were located.

    White's beginnings go back as far as 1950 and the uranium craze. This was a period of time in the US when all over the country people were looking for uranium. It was at this time that the only Geiger Counters available used headphones and Ken White Sr (founder of White's Electronics) quickly learned that the headphones created a problem....

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