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Coin Hunting

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    Cleaning Coins Found With Metal Detectors

    Never clean a valuable modern coin! Ancient coins and many modern coins can increase in value by cleaning. See how common household items like Elmer's Glue and distiled water can clean coins without damaging their patinas.

    Liberty Head (V) Nickel - Can You Dig It?

    The Liberty Head (V) Nickel series is one of the most exciting coin issues of the US Mint. Fraud and intrigue marks this issue with legend and lore that is very fascinating to coin collectors. Find out about the racketeering nickel and the illegal five that are worth millions of dollars.

    How To Coin Shoot in a Park With a Metal Detector.

    This article will present abasic system for hunting for coins in a public park.

    One of the first things you should do is to check with your city, county parks and recreation department to see if you are allowed to use a metal detector in their parks. If so they may require a permit. Most permits are free. They usually are good for a year.

    We have found some nice coins coin shooting under old school stadium bleachers. If you have schools in your location that are 50 years old or more there could be treasure of coins hiding under them. If you have lived in the area for sometime, you have a good idea of the age of the schools, churches there. If not you need to do some research and find someone who has lived in the area for awhile.

    In this article we are going to give you some tips on hunting coins and other treasures with your metal detector.

    It seems I get a lot of questions about how to recognize a good hit or is it junk.

    There are all different types of metal detectors. Each has their own design, but most consist of the same electronics. It is nice to have a discriminator so you can weed out bottle caps and pull tabs,
    however you can miss nickels and rings setting your mode to clear caps and tabs.

    Cleaning Coins – Should You Do It?

    Important rules to know before cleaning coins.

    Allow me to guide through the aspects of Cleaning Coins.

    As a coin collector you have in all probability come across coins that look like they were filthy. You probably decided that the coins needed to be cleaned to give them back their full value but did you know that cleaning your coins can truly damage certain valuable characteristics that are required for coin valuing?


    Coin Hunting or 'Coin Shooting' as it's often called, is not only very fun to do, but it can easily be very profitable. Finding just one gold piece or any rare coin can easily pay for the cost of the metal detector. When it comes to Coin Hunting or 'Coin Shooting', there are some places that I call 'hot spots', or the best places.

    Whether you are a novice or experienced treasure hunter nothing is more important than that one great find of the day, but many treasure hunters miss that great find by not digging everything, or by being asked to leave a site, right before digging that last ping, because they didn't ask permission to hunt there, well here are some ideas and tips to help you get "your" great find.

    Choosing The Right Metal Detector

    If this is your first metal detector purchase, consider getting some professional and expert advice to make sure that you have making the right choice. Metal detectors usually come with a complete control box containing the controls, circuitry, batteries, microprocessor, and the speaker. Metal detectors also include a search shaft that connects it to the coil and the control box. A search coil senses the metal and the stabilizer is responsible for keeping the unit steady when it is moved.

    Metal detecting, be it relic or treasure hunting, is appealing whether as a work or a hobby. There are several ideal places where we can go detecting to enjoy using our metal detector. It might be on a beach, near a gold prospecting site, or in an area that has many old relics and artifacts in it. But first, we need to pay attention to the rules and regulations of where we would like to go metal detecting.

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