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Beach Hunting

    Water Metal Detecting For Coin Collecting

    Mother Nature can throw some big curves at the water metal detectorist. See how bad is really good! Discover how "POP" can double or triple your coin and jewelry finds in the water and why the most expensive equipment is not necessarily the best.

    Living within a mile of a popular Florida beach, I started water hunting in 1970 with an interest in finding gold and silver jewelry as well as adding American and foreign coins to my collection. Water metal detecting is a science and not always an easy adventure, but it can be very rewarding. I use the word POP to guide my water detecting pursuits. One must be patient, observant, and persistent to meet with success in building a coin collection by water hunting with a metal detector. Mother nature can throw some big curve balls and the factors of winds, tides and currents change the beach by keeping the sand on the move continually. The average person will not notice these changes but the earnest water hunter must train their eyes and be patient, observant and persistent.

    Beach treasure hunting can be fun and sometime very lucrative. You
    can combine a family outing at the beach with treasure hunting on the

    We strongly advise you to have a metal detector with a minimum 6
    inch coil. Also make sure the coil is waterproof. We have found some
    nice items in a foot of water at the beach.-You want to utilize a
    systematic search.

    Beach Bum Treasure Hunting

    By Joseph Buffalo

    If you have ever been at the beach and saw someone walking around with a metal detector, earphones and a sand scoop, they could be classified as a "beach bum". The reason is they probably spend as much time at the beach as any sun worshipper. These folks are locating money, jewelry, keys and other lost items at the beach. On one of our vacations to San Diego California I had observed 3 to 5 individuals searching a popular beach.

    If you are located near an ocean or large body of water chances are you will be able to metal detected in sand. Beachcombing, as it is referred to, is popular because of the sands grainy makeup and the ability to easily dig and find valuables.

    In this article we will give you tips on how to find the most treasure and valuables while metal detecting in the sand. We will also give you some indication as to what is the best metal detector for this application.

    Metal detectors are often used in treasure hunting and in finding relics. It is a handy apparatus especially for hunters and adventurers. There are many models and forms of metal detectors and they all differ in features, quality, and reliability. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.