WELCOME - Members and their families and guests!

The winners of the treasure hunter of the year award are members who have supported the club in a variety of ways.Members earn points for attendance, making donations to the club hunt, returning a lost object you have found to the owner, conducting a program, bringing in a new member or buying raffle tickets.The points you earn for buying raffle tickets is on a sliding scale - the more you buy, the more points you earn.This year's winners are:

5th Place Treasure Hunter-Roy Evans

4th Place Treasure Hunter-Darrell Mullinax

3rd Place Treasure Hunter-Harold Bell

2nd Place Treasure Hunter-Robert Weaver

1st Place Treasure Hunter-Maggie Moffat

The Treasure Finder Awards go to those members who have amassed the most points for their finds in our monthly contests.These folks are regular and consistent hunters who put time and effort into their search and have had it pay off with some excellent treasures found month after month.This year's winners are:

5th Place Treasure Finder-Roy Evans

4th Place Treasure Finder-Chris Phillips

3rd Place Treasure Finder-Darrell Mullinax

2nd Place Treasure Finder-Maggie Moffat

1st Place Treasure Finder-Harold Bell

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!Next meeting will be on January 24, 2011.