South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association - MinutesNovember 22,2010

The SCTAA met on November 22, 2010 with 20 in attendance. The program was a review of items in the club library including two new books.Officer elections had to be postponed to January because we did not have a quorum (2/3 or 24 members present).We did receive a nomination for the vacant board position:Carter Mahaffee.Our next meeting will be January 24, 2011 and our Awards Banquet will be January 10, 2011 at Ryan's Restaurant at 7 p.m.

We asked prayer for Pat Pannell who had surgery for early stage breast cancer on October 13.We signed a "get well" card for her.

October treasury ended with $913.31.We collected: Money Donations - $57, Membership Dues (2011) - $225.Amended closing balance is $1,195.31.We will be buying awards plaques, prizes and next year's prize coins soon.


(We usually have a number of ties.The first name listed is the coin prize winner, but everyone gets the points who placed in the ties.)

COIN - 1st - Harold Bell

2nd - Haskell Staton

3rd - Chris Phillips

JEWELRY - 1st - Darrell Mullinax

2nd - Harold Bell

3rd - TIE - Maggie Moffat, Haskell Staton, Bill Rylands

WHAT IS IT? -1st/2nd - TIE - Maggie Moffat, Haskell Staton

3rd - Bill Guthke

MILITARY - 1st - Chris Phillips

2nd/3rd - TIE - Harold Bell, Haskell Staton

OTHER -1st - Harold Bell;

2nd/3rd - TIE - Chris Phillips, Allen Sheriff

# OF COINS -1st - Maggie Moffat (630)

2nd - Darrell Mullinax (510)

3rd - Bill Rylands (506)

Rebecca Reece, Secretary/Treasurer