South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association MinutesFebruary 25, 2010

The SCTAA met on February 22, 2010, with 29 in attendance including two visitors - Greg Modzel and Rick Smigel.One new member joined: Jimmy Fleming.The program was presented by Robert Weaver on the topic of Discouragement/Encouragement with some interesting highlights of his early days of metal detecting.

January treasury ended with $1,448.46.We collected Raffle - $87, Donation Can - $10.50,2010 Memberships - $25 and added $ .30 adjustment for a math error.We paid out the following:$1,217.95 for coins purchased at Coin Depot as prizes for this year.Closing balance is $353.31.

Tom Fiscus won the silver dollar coin raffle.c Our next meeting will be March 22, 2010.


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COIN - 1st - Tom Fiscus;2nd - TIE - Chris Phillips, Harold Bell and Roy Evans

JEWELRY - 1st - Roy Evans;2nd - TIE - Darrell Mullinax, Tom Fiscus and Jake Phillips

WHAT IS IT? -1st - Harold Bell; 2nd - Tom Fiscus;3rd - TIE - Darrell Mullinax, Maggie Moffat and Haskell Staton

MILITARY -1st - Harold Bell;2nd - TIE - Haskell Staton and Erin Mahaffee

OTHER -1st -Travis Aiken;2nd - Tom Fiscus;3rd - Roy Evans

# OF COINS -1st - Tom Fiscus (1,161);2nd - Harold Bell (316);3rd - Roy Evans (285)

Rebecca Reece, Secretary/Treasurer