South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association MinutesJanuary 25, 2010

The SCTAA met on January 25, 2010, with 28 in attendance including one visitor - John Lowe. Two new members joined:Travis Aiken (brought in by Jake Phillips) and Thomas Fiscus (brought in by Harold Bell).Also Joe Cantrell rejoined at the Awards Banquet.Current membership total is 31.The program was presented by Randy Reece who reviewed the yearly contests and the treasury and use of money that comes in.The Annual Awards Banquet was a great success with 56 people attending.The Best Find of the Year Award winners were:1st - Roy Evans,2nd - Bill Guthke.

November treasury ended with $1,619.46.We collected Raffle - $80, Donation Can - $11, 2010 Memberships - $75.We collected $50 cash for raffle tickets we sold on behalf of Carolina Coin and Relic Assoc/Art DiFilippo. The Treasury ended with $1,835.46.HOWEVER - We paid out the following:$140 to FMDAC ($5 for each member who had paid up); $146.70 to The Awards Center for plaques for our Awards Banquet; $50 to Uncle Sam's Antiques for silver dimes to give everyone at the Banquet; $50 check to Carolina Coin and Relic Assoc. for their raffle tickets.The AMENDED Treasury ends with$1,448.46.(One outstanding bill for coins charged to personal credit card pending). NOTE:Sorry I have to amend treasury so often.It is very hectic trying to do so much during the meetings.

Tony Pannell won the gold 2 peso coin raffle .Our next meeting will be February 22, 2010.


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COIN - 1st - Travis Aiken
             2nd - TIE - Harold Bell and Don Brewer

JEWELRY - 1st - Everette Smith
                     2nd - TIE - Don Brewer, Allen Sheriff (3rd), Haskell Staton

WHAT IS IT? -1st - Darrell Mullinax;
                         2nd - Everette Smith
                         3rd - TIE - Robert Weaver, Don Brewer, Harold Bell

MILITARY -1st - Bill Rylands
                     2nd - Chris Phillips;
                     3rd - Ryleigh Mahaffee

OTHER -1st -Bill Rylands 
                2nd - Chris Phillips 
                3rd - TIE - Maggie Moffat, Don Brewer,

Harold Bell

# OF COINS -1st - Everette Smith (1,499) 
                        2nd - Harold Bell (426)
                        3rd - Maggie Moffat (305)

Rebecca Reece, Secretary/Treasurer

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