South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association MinutesOctober 28,2009

The SCTAA met on October 26, 2009 with 30 in attendance including visitors:Travis Aiken and Terry Krueger who joined for 2010.

The program was nomination of officers for 2010.Two positions were vacant:Doug Harrison had to give up the vice-president slot due to out-of-town work and Dan Cagle passed away leaving a board member slot open.Nominations were made and voted on quickly with these results:Randy Reece - President, Maggie Moffat - Vice President, Rebecca Reece - Secretary/Treasurer, Robert Weaver and Harold Bell - Board Members at large.

Our annual big event, the Lake Lure Hunt was Saturday, October 24.We had 23 members who hunted and 35 people for the hot dog cookout. Everyone seemed to have a great time.Randy said "Thank you to all who gave donations of coins and prizes, who brought the good food and drinks, and who helped with set- up and close-up for the event."We especially appreciate that Tyrone Phillips can arrange for this great site for our club every year and devote time and energy to planting coins on the Friday before the hunt.

Pictures of the hunt

We have set the date for our Annual Awards Banquet for January 11, 2010 at 7 p.m. at Ryan's Steak House in Greer.

September treasury ended with $2,214.21.We spent $1,465 for the hunt and dimes for next year's contests.We took in $350 for fees, dues and raffles and $55 on the hula hoop field. We collected Raffle - $134, Donation Can - $10, 2010 Memberships - $175.The ammended treasury ends with $1,473.21. Darrell Mullinax won the gold 2 peso raffle.Ralph Childers won the raffle for the gold 2 peso and silver half-dollar which were unclaimed at the hunt.Our next meeting will be November 23.


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COIN - 1st - Haskell Staton;2nd - Bill Rylands; 3rd - Allen Sheriff

JEWELRY - 1st - Haskell Staton;2nd - Roy Evans;3rd - TIE - Bill Rylands & Ryleigh Mahaffee

WHAT IS IT? - 1st - Ryleigh Mahaffee; 2nd - Jake Phillips;3rd - TIE - Haskell Staton, Maggie Moffat, Chris Phillips and Allen Sheriff

MILITARY -1st - Roy Evans;2nd - Robert Weaver;3rd - Maggie Moffat

OTHER -1st -TIE - Haskell Staton and Chris Phillips; 3rd - Allen Sheriff

# OF COINS -1st - Maggie Moffat (911);2nd - Haskell Staton (332);3rd - Bill Rylands (132)

Rebecca Reece, Secretary/Treasurer