South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association Minutes August 26,2009

The SCTAA met on August 24, 2009 with 37 in attendance.This included 4 visitors.

Art DiFilippo, Southeast Chapter President of FMDAC spoke briefly about the association, the benefits of membership and possibly organizing a hunt for the three chapters in South Carolina.

The program was a swap meet organized by Robert Weaver.

SEPTEMBER MEETING - EASTER-EGG STYLE HUNT - Robert gave out plastic eggs for participants to collect their coins in, coins will be buried just prior to the meeting for a fun hunt in the area behind the Rec. Center.To participate, bring fifty cents in real silver (not clad).This can be a half dollar, two quarters, five dimes, 10 buffalo nickels or a combination of these.Twenty-one hunters have signed up.Coins may be turned in at September meeting for anyone who could not get them in sooner (per Robert, hunt organizer).

FALL LAKE LURE HUNT DATE - OCTOBER 24! Plan to sign up, pay hunt fee of $30, and sign up for a picnic item next meeting!

Randy reported that everyone who attended the trip to Myrtle Beach had a great time.Guest speaker Andy Sabisch gave a great talk filled with useful information and gave out door prizes.Members made some good finds during the week.

July treasury ended with $1,277.09.We sent flowers for Dan Cagle's funeral for $53.38.We collected:Raffle - $150 and Donation Can - $8.50 and Fall Hunt Fees $60 with an ending Treasury of $1,442.21 (adjusted).Ralph Childers won the raffle for the gold coin.Jake Phillips won a magnifying loop donated by Art DiFileppo, who also gave 3 silver dimes each to our three youth after performing a neat magic trick.Our next meeting will be September 28.


COIN - 1st - Jake Phillips;2nd - Allen Sheriff;3rd - Bill Rylands

JEWELRY - 1st - Roy Evans;2nd - TIE - Tony Pannell and Haskell Staton (3rd)

WHAT IS IT? -1st - Ryleigh Mahaffee;2nd - Haskell Staton;3rd - Robert Weaver

MILITARY -1st - Maggie Moffat;2nd - TIE - Everette Smith and Jake Phillips (3rd)

OTHER -1st -Roy Evans;2nd - Bill Rylands;3rd - TIE - Haskell Staton and Darrell Mullinax

# OF COINS -1st - Haskell Staton (626)2nd - Maggie Moffat (565)3rd - Bill Rylands (525)

Rebecca Reece, Secretary/Treasurer