The SCTAA met on May 25, 2009 with 24 in attendance.Robert Weaver 's program was a discussion of the usefulness of Western and Eastern Treasures Magazine articles in becoming a better metal detectorist.He also recommended that someone volunteer to send in new items about our members finds to the magazine.He discussed his intention to put on another spring hunt next year on the Hwy. 290 property, making sure the hunt fields are bigger next year.

Randy discussed plans for a group trip to Myrtle Beach: August 16 to August 22. Members can come for all or part of the time.Randy intends to line up a guest speaker and have several meals out as a group. For more information, please call Randy:864-270-0378 (c), 864-271-3347 (h).

Find lodging at Myrtle Beach

Maggie told us that Randy Gatchell is hoping to host his Blacksburg, SC hunt again next year.

April treasury ended with $1,172.74.We purchased silver quarters for contest prizes @ $100.We collected $99.35 from May's raffles and donations.So May treasury ended with $1,172.09.

NOTE:We have around 7 more ball caps for sale at $11.They are navy blue with the SCTAA logo.

Our next meeting will be June 22.NOTE -there are five Mondays in June.


COIN - 1st - Robert Weaver;2nd - Maggie Moffat;3rd - TIE - Bill Rylands and Haskell Staton

JEWELRY - 1st - Ryleigh Mahaffee;2nd - Haskell Staton;3rd - TIE - Maggie Moffat and Clem McNure

WHAT IS IT? -1st - Haskell Staton; - 2nd - Maggie Moffat;3rd - TIE - Gerald Hutchinson, Ryleigh Mahaffee, Clem McNure, and Bill Rylands

MILITARY -1st - Bill Rylands; - 2nd - Haskell Staton; - 3rd - Robert Weaver

OTHER -1st -Ryleigh Mahaffee;2nd -Haskell Staton;3rd - Gerald Hutchinson

# OF COINS -1st - Maggie Moffat (752) - 2nd - Bill Rylands (550) - 3rd - Clem McNure (126)

Rebecca Reece, Secretary/Treasurer