My friend Jimmy and I decided that we would go on a day trip to Charleston SC to hunt the beach with our metal detectors at the Isle of Palms on Sunday of Labor Day weekend. We invited our wives Teresa & Terri to go along for the ride. Terri and I met Jimmy & Teresa at their home around 6:30am for the trip. After a short stop for breakfast we were on our way for a day of fun.


 We arrived in Charleston at about 10:30 and took Teresa & Terri downtown to the Market. Armed with cash and debit cards they were off to their own treasure hunt.

We agreed to pick them up at 5:30 and have dinner before heading home.


 We finally arrived at the County Park paid our $5 all day parking fee and entered the beach through the park. We decided to go right under the pier and hunt in front of the hotels. This was my first trip here and I was surprised that the beach was so wide. I turned on my Minelab Explorer and started hunting the waters edge and it seemed like a half hour before I found my first coin a corroded zinc penny. I hunted for another hour and half finding only the occasional coin and pull tab.


 I decided to go back over and hunt in front of the county park. This side was packed with lots sunbathers making it a little hard to hunt. My first find there was a silver skull ring at about two inches deep. I hunted for about ½ hr here finding only a few coins. Jimmy showed up and we decided to go back to the other side and hunt toward the local grill for a burger. I was ready for a break.

 After lunch we started hunting the beach just past the hotels in front of the condos. We were digging more coins here that were older and deeper. I received a signal that sounded like a pull tab. I removed one scoop of sand and I could see part of a silver chain. I gently pull it and out popped a three diamond pendant. After a closer look I could tell that it was not real diamonds. Just my luck. I found about 40 coins in all and Jimmy found about the same number of coins and a silver ring with his Fisher CZ-6.  We hunted until 4:00 or a little after and figured it was time to go find our wives.


After we picked up our wives and finished showing them our finds. Terri said look at this ring that I found on the sidewalk. An emerald ring with 8 little diamonds. Better than any thing that Jimmy and I found. Go figure.


Next hunt local State Park swimming beach.

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