SCTAA September Minutes September 26, 2008

Our September meeting had 36 in attendance.The club program centered on finalizing plans for our annual hunt at Lake Lure, NC.The hunt will take place on Saturday, October 4, beginning around 9 a.m. until about 3 p.m.So far, we have 18 paid hunters and 30 signed up for the cookout.A motion was made to open the Hula Hoop Hunt to guests.The motion was defeated.

Upcoming nominations for officers was announced and a motion was made and passed that the

Present officers continue to serve in 2009.Tee-shirts that are on order will be given out at the club

Hunt.(Price - $10.50)Club dues for 2009 are being taken now and until Dec. 10, the cut-off date

So we can send dues and receive FMDAC membership cards as requested by the national officers.

Dot Derrick won the raffle for a silver dollar.Dennis Trotter won the raffle for a paid 2009 membership. The treasury ended with $2,033.58.


COIN - 1st - Everett Smith

2nd - TIE - Harold Bell and Ralph Childers

JEWELRY -1st - Roy Evans

2nd - TIE - Darrell Mullinax and Dan Cagle

WHAT IS IT? -1st - Harold Bell

2nd - TIE - Maggie Moffat and Darrell Mullinax

MILITARY -1st - Dan Cagle

2nd - Maggie Moffat

3rd - Allen Sheriff

OTHER -1st - Darrell Mullinax

2nd - Roy Evans

3rd - TIE - Dan Cagle, Harold Bell, Tyrone Phillips

# OF COINS - 1st - Maggie Moffat (786)

2nd - Bill Rylands (640)

3rd - Harold Bell (526)

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