SCTAA August Minutes August 29, 2008

Our August meeting had 45 in attendance - a great turnout! We had two new members to join on Monday night, along with several other visitors.New members:Frank Dudgeon and Dennis Trotter - Welcome to the SCTAA!

Club President, Randy Reece, shared with everyone about the good time the group had at Myrtle Beach.Thirty rings and other assorted treasures were found by the eight hunters.Next year we'll plan further ahead so more folks can take part in a fun outing.We are in the planning stages of our annual club treasure hunt at Lake Lure, NC.We will be announcing the date soon.

New member, Dennis Trotter, won the raffle for a gold 2 peso coin.The treasury ended with $1,553.68.We are planning another tee-shirt order.If you want one please call or e-mail us as soon as possible.


COIN - 1st - Dan Cagle

2nd - Darrell Mullinax

3rd - Everett Smith

JEWELRY -1st - Roy Evans

2nd - Dan Cagle

3rd - Harold Bell

WHAT IS IT? -1st - Robert Weaver


-(2nd)-Maggie Moffat, (3rd)-Darrell Mullinax,

Harold Bell, Dan Cagle

MILITARY -1st - Harold Bell

2nd - Darrell Mullinax

3rd - Bill Rylands

OTHER -1st - Darrell Mullinax

2nd - Roy Evans

3rd - TIE - Maggie Moffat, Dan Cagle

# OF COINS - 1st - Bill Rylands (1,115)

2nd - Maggie Moffat (917)

3rd - Everett Smith (403)