November 2006

Welcome to the November addition of the SCTAA Club blog. If you didn’t attend our last meeting you missed a good program by Rev. Robert Ivey from Gaffney a Revolutionary War re-enactor. I always thought about battles when someone spoke about re-enacting but after seeing Robert I have a new view about re-enactors. Robert portrayed a S.C. patriot and hero William Jasper who was a member of the 2nd S.C. Continentals regiment. Robert brought along a sponge-staff, an original 3rd addition Brown Bess riffle and a period Bible. Click here for a short story about William Jasper. This story basically describes the presentation that Robert portrayed.

I have created a category for our club directory which is password protected. You should have received the password in a separate email from me if not email me  and I will send you a password.

Other business included plans for the annual Awards Banquet which will be at Ryan’s Steak house in Greer on Monday, 8 2007. We also talked about the FMDAC fall convention that will be on November 10 – 12. We have several members that will be attending this hunt. We hope one of our members brings home the grand prize.


Most important was the election of new officers. All officers were re-elected for the upcoming year.

I have added several pictures of the hunt that Darrell took. Click here to view.

If you would like to see pictures of the finds of the month for October click here.

Click here to read the February 1992 newsletter.

Our next meeting will be November 27, 2006

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Below is an article taken from our February 92 newsletter written by Mike Lee

                                                                                                       Keep a Log of your Finds