South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association-May MinutesJune 2, 2012

The SCTAA met on May 30, 2012 with 20 in attendance.

Our speaker was Vince DiCarlo, a newer member.Vince is from Texas, a retired meteorologist for the National Weather Service and a 21-year veteran Navy Oceanographer who retired as a commander.Vince did an excellent job speaking about Weather Safety:Lightning.It was eye-opening to realize that lightning can strike as far as 7 miles from a storm, so if you see a storm or hear thunder, get to a safe place.It is also very important for detectorists to be alert since they regularly wear headphones.Vince also had pamphlets to hand out.

Important Dates:Myrtle Beach Trip - August 18 to 25 (Come for part or all the week)

Lake Lure Hunt - October 27, 2012

A number of donations for awards and the fall hunt continue to be brought in which will help the club a lot.

April treasury ended with a balance of $761.69.We collected: Money Donations for Points - $40.00; donation can - $7.94.The closing balance is $809.63.The next meeting will be June 25.Robert Weaver will be our speaker.


(We usually have a number of ties.The first name listed is the coin prize winner, but everyone gets the points who placed in the ties.)

COIN - 1st - Allen Sheriff;2nd/3rd TIE - Jerry Dowis, Darrell Mullinax

JEWELRY - 1st - Bill Rylands;2nd/3rd TIE - Darrell Mullinax, Maggie Moffat, Bill Guthke, Allen Sheriff, Jerry Dowis

WHAT IS IT? - 1st - Robert Weaver;2nd/3rd - TIE - Darrell Mullinax, Harold Bell

MILITARY - 1st - Allen Sheriff;2nd - Bill Rylands;3rd TIE - Robert Weaver, Maggie Moffat

OTHER -1st - Carter Mahaffee;2nd - Darrell Mullinax;3rd - TIE - Maggie Moffat, Bill Guthke

# OF COINS -1st - Bill Rylands (546);2nd - Bill Guthke (395);3rd - Maggie Moffat (288)