South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association-FebruaryMinutesMarch 2,2012

The SCTAA met on February 27, 2012 with 35 in attendance with three visitors:Haward Black, Lannes Grubbs, and Ron Prince.We gained a new member:Norman Lewis.

Robert Weaver discussed plans for the spring hunt on the Moore, SC farm.The hunt will be Saturday, April 14, and the hunt fee will be $30. There will be a free hunt for youth age 15 and under.Everything is being set up to be as fair as possible to everyone.There is lots of interest among the members and visitors.

Dates for the spring trip to Myrtle Beach are March 31 to April 7.

A number of donations for awards and hunts were brought in which will help the club a lot.

January treasury ended with a balance of $366.24.We collected: Money Donations for points - $83.00; donation can - $19.00.We took in $75.00 for 2012 memberships (29 paid members so far).We collected $120 for the spring hunt which was given to Robert.The amended closing balance is $573.24.The next meeting will be March 26.


(We usually have a number of ties.The first name listed is the coin prize winner, but everyone gets the points who placed in the ties.)

COIN - 1st - Chris Phillips;2nd - Harold Bell;3rd - TIE - Allen Sheriff, Darrell Mullinax

JEWELRY - 1st - Harold Bell;2nd - Bill Rylands;3rd - Robert Weaver

WHAT IS IT? - 1st - Allen Sheriff;2nd - Darrell Mullinax;3rd - TIE -Bill Rylands, Harold Bell Carter Mahaffee, Maggie Moffat, Robert Weaver

MILITARY - 1st - Chris Phillips;2nd - Harold Bell;3rd - Allen Sheriff

OTHER -1st - Harold Bell;2nd - Everette Smith;3rd - TIE - Allen Sheriff, Darrell Mullinax,Bill Rylands

# OF COINS -1st - Everette Smith (638);2nd - Bill Rylands (538);3rd - Harold Bell (407)

Rebecca Reece, Secretary/Treasurer