South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association -November MinutesNovember 30,2011

The SCTAA met on November 28, 2011 with 25 in attendance with one visitor, Dwight Hamby.

All current officers were re-nominated in October and re-elected:Pres. - Randy Reece; Sec/Tres. - Rebecca Reece; Vice-Pres. - Maggie Moffat; Board Members - Robert Weaver and Carter Mahaffee.

Randy discussed future trip plans, which will be early spring at Myrtle Beach.Eight members have signed up as interested.Robert Weaver presented the program.He advised members to get details before committing to find a lost item, which he learned the hard way as he shared a personal incident.He also shared plans for a spring hunt at the Moore farm with a goal of planting 6,000 targets (memorial cents/ some 100 to 400 used as tokens), a larger hunt field, prizes in envelopes to be drawn by token holders, hunt fee to be $20 up to $35 as members choose, newcomers welcome, donations of pennies requested.

October treasury ended with amended balance of $602.62.We collected: Money Donations for points - $38.00; donation can - $13.25.We took in $300 for 2012 memberships (20 paid members so far).The closing balance was $953.87.The next meeting will be January 23.The Awards Banquet will be at Ryan's in Greer on January 9 at 7 p.m.


(We usually have a number of ties.The first name listed is the coin prize winner, but everyone gets the points who placed in the ties.)

COIN - 1st - Joe Cantrell;2nd/3rd TIE - Travis Aiken, Harold Bell

JEWELRY - 1st - Joe Cantrell;2nd/3rd - TIE - Bill Guthke, Bill Rylands, Roy Evans

WHAT IS IT? - 1st - Maggie Moffat;2nd - Darrell Mullinax;3rd - TIE - Robert Weaver, Allen Sheriff

MILITARY - 1st - Travis Aiken;2nd - Bill Guthke;3rd - Allen Sheriff

OTHER -1st - Harold Bell;2nd - Darrell Mullinax;3rd - TIE - Travis Aiken, Bill Guthke, Jenna and Leah Mahaffee, Bill Rylands

# OF COINS -1st - Bill Rylands (715);2nd - Maggie Moffat (698);3rd - Harold Bell (542)

Rebecca Reece, Secretary/Treasurer