South Carolina Treasure and Artifact Association -September MinutesSeptember 29,2011

The SCTAA met on September 26, 2011 with 31 in attendance including two who joined:Joe Cantrell (2011) and Joe McCaskill (2012).

Upcoming:FMDAC Convention at Myrtle Beach - Sept. 30 - Oct. 2(at Spring Maid Beach)

October 22 - Annual Lake Lure Hunt (Sign in starting at 9 a.m.)

The program by Randy was about the two events coming up.We have collected hunt fees of $30 for the Lake Lure Hunt from 24 members (and 2011 memberships from two people).Sign-up for food was also good.We will spend $1,440 for coins/ prizes for the Lake Lure hunt.Our next meeting will be October 24, 2011.

August treasury ended with $1,313.12.We collected: Money Donations for points - $67.00; donation can - $13.We took in $270 in hunt fees for the Fall Lake Lure Hunt; $50 for 2011 memberships; $100 for 2012 memberships.The closing balance was $1,813.12.


(We usually have a number of ties.The first name listed is the coin prize winner, but everyone gets the points who placed in the ties.)

COIN - 1st - Travis Aiken;2nd - Darrell Mullinax;3rd - Bill Rylands

JEWELRY - 1st - Maggie Moffat; 2nd - Dave Mapstone;3rd - TIE - Joe Cantrell, Greg Modzel, Bill Rylands

WHAT IS IT? - 3-WAY TIE - 1st - Carter Mahaffee;2nd - Bill Guthke;3rd - Darrell Mullinax

MILITARY - 1st - Travis Aiken;2nd - Darrell Mullinax;3rd - Robert Weaver

OTHER -1st - Bill Rylands;2nd - Travis Aiken;3rd - Greg Modzel

# OF COINS -1st - Joe Cantrell (560);2nd - Maggie Moffat (542);3rd - Bill Guthke (460)

Rebecca Reece, Secretary/Treasurer