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Billy Bert

Billy Bert writes for http://www.surevehicletracking.info where you can find out more about cheap hotels and other topics.

 Articles by this Author

A Quest For The Perfect GPS by Billy Bert

So you've finally decided you're going to purchase a GPS unit. Now the only question is what to get.

In an ideal world, the GPS unit you purchased would be portable, have great battery life, be able to hold all maps in memory, give perfect driving directions, have a bright color screen, plan an alternate route in heavy traffic, be rugged and waterproof, and be able to communicate easily with other electronic devices. And, you would get all of this at an affordable price.

How to Choose a GPS by Billy Bert

You've heard that new sport, geocaching, is fun. Or, you're tired of getting lost on your travels. Welcome to the 21st century. Global Postioning System (GPS) has been around long enough that prices are reasonable and the technology is user-friendly. With myriad brands and models, how to choose?