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Breakfast Club

As usual most all my excursions begin with the Breakfast Club at Hardees, McDonalds or café in the areas I have planned to hunt. A few weeks ago while downing the energy for the day’s hunt I could here several conversations going on. Nothing really interesting until an older gentlemen asked if the new owners of the old Presbyterian Church were going to tear it down. The response to his question was no, they were just beginning to renovate it.  I am all ears now and ready for more information. Sure enough several gentlemen sitting close by joined the conversation. In approximately the time it would take to get your detector in the car I had found out a few of the activities that had taken place both inside and out, how old the building was, what it was used for and what was it going to become. Where is it? Who are the new owners? Would you like to join? Before I forget it was built in 1880!


Directions Given, Thank You, I hunt old coins with a metal detector, sounds like a good place to find some. Several agreed. Wonder who you would need to see about getting permission to get on the property? Me I’m the care taker and the new owners are from out of town. Permission granted along with some other leads that I will follow up on at a later date.


You also can pick up leads this way. Seat yourself with the breakfast club, don’t sit in the deserted area all by yourself say good morning and start eating. It’s easy to listen this way. Sure sometimes nothing of interest is being discussed. That’s when you mention your hobby and ask a few questions. Keep in mind these people live in the area and have a lot of information that you won’t find in any library or book. Remember you found something of importance in your research or you would not be in the area to begin with. Why not add the breakfast club along with your research. You’ll be glad you did.