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Larry Smith

Larry Smith is an avid coin collector and metal detector enthusiast. He's been collecting coins for over 50 years. Larry is giving away his ebook, "Coin Collecting With The Home TOwn Advantage" FREE for a limited time. You can get your copy and start building (or expanding) your own collection right now.

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Cleaning Coins Found With Metal Detectors

Never clean a valuable modern coin! Ancient coins and many modern coins can increase in value by cleaning. See how common household items like Elmer's Glue and distiled water can clean coins without damaging their patinas.

Metal Detector Review - Garrett GTP 1350

The Garrett 1350 GTP metal detector has features not found on other units or brands. See what makes this one of the best buys in the mid-price range of the treasure hunting hobby.

Tesoro Metal Detector Review

Find thousands of coins, artifacts, gold and silver jewelry with a metal detector that will not cost you a fortune. The Tesoro Silver Sabre uMax is rugged, dependable, simple to learn and has a lifetime guarantee. This detector goes deep and has a waterproof coil.

Pulse Induction Metal Detectors

Revolutionary new models of metal detectors soon to be released. Check out the advantages of owning a Pulse Induction (PI) metal detector. These machine already go very deep! Get excited about the new ones while checking out the many models out there now.

There is excitement in the air concerning Pulse Induction (PI) metal detectors. It is said that a revolutionary model is about to be released by several manufacturers. The main characteristic of PI detectors is their ability to ignore both conductive and non-conductive mineralization in the environment at the same time, while maintaining high sensitivity to all metal targets. Another positive feature is their detection range is not affected by the medium between the coil and the target. Performance for the most part is not hindered by water, sand, silt, solid coral and generally speaking, the air. Some PI's I have used do not go as deep to locate a target in the air as they do for submerged or buried targets.

A Treasure Finding Mindset

Discover three steps that will make you a treasure finder not a treasure hunter. Having the right mindset is even more important than having the best metal detecting equipment. Build your coin collection much faster by following these steps.

Treasure Hunting is a lot like going Fishing. Most people go "fishin" not catching. A friend of mine named Jack, a fresh-water fishing guide, had the right approach to fishing. Jack had a catching mind set. Before he would go fishing he would determine how many fish he was going to catch. He practiced a spiritual approach of taking authority over the fish. If he said he would catch 17 bass that day, he would. When he caught his total the fishing day was over. If you were with him and he caught his total for that day, he would load the boat and go home regardless of how many fish you caught.

Water Metal Detecting For Coin Collecting

Mother Nature can throw some big curves at the water metal detectorist. See how bad is really good! Discover how "POP" can double or triple your coin and jewelry finds in the water and why the most expensive equipment is not necessarily the best.

Living within a mile of a popular Florida beach, I started water hunting in 1970 with an interest in finding gold and silver jewelry as well as adding American and foreign coins to my collection. Water metal detecting is a science and not always an easy adventure, but it can be very rewarding. I use the word POP to guide my water detecting pursuits. One must be patient, observant, and persistent to meet with success in building a coin collection by water hunting with a metal detector. Mother nature can throw some big curve balls and the factors of winds, tides and currents change the beach by keeping the sand on the move continually. The average person will not notice these changes but the earnest water hunter must train their eyes and be patient, observant and persistent.

Old locks are common metal detector finds. They are also valuable and selling them can help the coin collectors build their collections. Learn some keys to these marvelous relics.

Over my 39 years of metal detecting to build coin collections, locks have been one of my top relic categories for trading or for selling. In this article I want to tell you about five of my favorite locks. Four of these locks are railroad locks and could tell some wonderful stories about the events and happennings that shaped west Florida in the late 1800's and the early 1900's.

You can teach an old dog new tricks in the metal detecting hobby. Learn how to find more treasure and less junk.

Technology is changing, detectorists are sharing information at club meetings and online, new detecting aids are abounding in the market place and there is a plethora of new metal detectors being offered. All of these major factors and many smaller ones are contributing to a wealth of new metal detector/detecting tips for the seasoned veterans as well as the newbies to the hobby.

Liberty Head (V) Nickel - Can You Dig It?

The Liberty Head (V) Nickel series is one of the most exciting coin issues of the US Mint. Fraud and intrigue marks this issue with legend and lore that is very fascinating to coin collectors. Find out about the racketeering nickel and the illegal five that are worth millions of dollars.