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Joesph Buffalo

Over 30 years in the electronic industry. Management, sales, marketing. Has written various articles on ebay business, and treasure hunting. Enjoys Metal Detecting treasure hunting. Collectibles on line.

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In the Southwest we have many species of Rattlesnakes. They are very abundant. When you're searching old buildings, desert areas, be alert to the fact you may come upon a snake.

When metal detecting around old buildings, trees or brush be careful when you go to pick up something or dig for a hit from your metal detector. Snakes like cool shade, especially in the summer.

Treasure in Your Own Back Yard

This article will present information to stimulate your thinking for finding treasure in your own back yard. The backyard we are referring to is, the town where you live.

This information works very well if you have lived in your current town for 30+ years. If not, don't worry we'll show you how to locate these hot spots for treasure hunting.

I was sitting on the back porch one day thinking of places I could go coin shooting in my town. Since I have lived in the community for 40 years, I saw my town grow from 135,000 to just
under 1 million today. Most of the old fairgrounds and carnival sites have been developed and has made way for real estate building. What I was looking for was one of these old locations that had not been developed.

Living in the Southwest we don't get to many opportunities to search for Civil War relics.

While visiting relatives in the East, I took my metal detector with us.

This article will again highlight how important research is in treasure hunting.

I knew the home my relatives were living in was quite old. It was located in Eastern Pennsylvania . The main structure was built around 1840's. The main house was three stories and it had 15 Bedrooms. Each bedroom had a Fireplace. I didn't measure the house but I would estimate it at 8,000 square feet. The current structure and land included a tennis court, large pool, and very large 3-story barn. All of this was setting on approximately 20 acres. The original land and structures included 25 coke ovens, and a lead casting foundry.

We are going to show you how to find hidden Treasures at old racetracks.

Do you have an old racetrack in your area? Ideally one no longer in use. The primary focus will be where the bleachers and concession stand were located.

During races the fans clapped, yelled and jumped up and down. They lost money, jewelry and other items. Normally if they knew they lost the item, and unless it was very valuable they would not bother to go under the bleachers to look for it.

This article will reveal ways to find treasures around Bars and Restaurants. If you have resided in your area for any length of time you may be familiar with some old sites where these types of establishments were located.

Beach Bum Treasure Hunting

By Joseph Buffalo

If you have ever been at the beach and saw someone walking around with a metal detector, earphones and a sand scoop, they could be classified as a "beach bum". The reason is they probably spend as much time at the beach as any sun worshipper. These folks are locating money, jewelry, keys and other lost items at the beach. On one of our vacations to San Diego California I had observed 3 to 5 individuals searching a popular beach.