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J C Christian is an avid follower of metal detectors and how they work. He runs an informational site that follows Garret Metal Detectors, Fisher Metal Detectors, Tesoro Metal Detectors, and Kellyco Metal Detectors just to name a few. Go to http://www.metal-detector-guides.com to find information to help with everything metal detecting.

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White's beginnings go back as far as 1950 and the uranium craze. This was a period of time in the US when all over the country people were looking for uranium. It was at this time that the only Geiger Counters available used headphones and Ken White Sr (founder of White's Electronics) quickly learned that the headphones created a problem....

Metal detecting can be fun and exciting hobby. Here are some tips you can use to help you....

If you happen to be one of those lucky people who lives either near the ocean or a large body of water the chances are that you could go searching for lost treasure in the sand with a metal detector. Beachcombing is particular popular with ...

Just because winter is here does not mean that you have to give up your favorite hobby, metal detecting. In this article we explore ways to protect you metal detector and stay dry. If you want to stay dry and continue looking for treasure you need to...

If you are considering metal detecting in the woods here are some tips you can use to make detecting in the woods is productive. Use this information to get the most out of metal detecting in the woods


When people think of gold in America the first place they probably think of is the state of California. Even before the State of California became part of the United States people were mining for gold and finding lots of it. A lot of gold has been found in the past in California is still plenty of it for you to find and discover while metal detecting.

If you are located near an ocean or large body of water chances are you will be able to metal detected in sand. Beachcombing, as it is referred to, is popular because of the sands grainy makeup and the ability to easily dig and find valuables.

In this article we will give you tips on how to find the most treasure and valuables while metal detecting in the sand. We will also give you some indication as to what is the best metal detector for this application.

When you are a beginner metal detecting can be a frustrating hobby if it is not done correctly. Follow these tips if you are a beginner it will make metal detecting more enjoyable for you

When you are new to metal detecting getting answers your questions can sometimes be difficult and it can become frustrating because when you are new you have to find the right equipment for you, go to the best locations, and hope you find something that is of value.

If you are new to metal detecting, have thought of picking up the hobby, bought a metal detector and put in the closet and after a couple of tries and never picked it up again here are some tips that you can use to help you find relics with value.