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Stacy Brown

Stacy Brown is a graduate from the University of South Carolina where she obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Social Work. She currently works as a social worker for a dialysis clinic in Spartanburg. Stacy enjoys spending time with her dog, Bella, and her family and friends. She is always interested in her stepfather's treasure finds and enjoys helping him write about these memorable hunts.


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Lyme Disease and How to Keep it Away


We all know how much fun and how addictive it is to take our metal detectors out on the warm sunny weekends and spend the days looking for relics and artifacts. However most of the time the old sites tend to have grown up over the years with dense foliage of brush and trees. It is very easy to let the lure and excitement of the hunt overtake us and we tend to forget some of the potential hazards that lurk in the beauty of nature. This time of year it is easy to be overcome by the heat. We are often taken away by our intense focus on the hunt and forget that we need to drink plenty of water even when we think we do not need water. Snakes are a constant en guard. There is another little creature that we sometimes forget about until we later find one crawling on or attached to our skin. The tick. While most ticks are harmless there are those that carry Lyme Disease or Spotted Fever which can make us very sick and can be fatal.
As a reminder please be aware of the potential of these tiny parasites and be vigilant and educate yourselves to the preventions and symptoms of  Lyme Disease and hopefully the article concerning this tick transmitted illness provided by Stacy Brown will be of some help.
Be safe and good hunting!!

          As most of we treasure hunters know, you can’t just hunt on any piece of land that looks good to you.  It sure would be nice if we could.  All land belongs to somebody and that somebody may not like you on it.  The first step in scouting out your hunting grounds is determining whether it is permissible for you to hunt.  Now the woods behind your grandmother’s house are probably fair game.  As for the old homestead off of Hwy. 221, you will probably need permission.  This article will outline how to locate property ownership.  After determining who owns the land, then you can beg and plead for permission to gracefully glide your detector over the precious