Sports Collecting Is A Great Hobby
By Rose Hillbrand

In this fast-paced, stressful age we live in, everyone needs a
little recreation. Sports collecting is a hobby that can fill
your spare minutes with interest and offer a diversion to the
everyday grind. Sports collecting takes many forms depending on
the person who is pursuing the hobby. Many people choose to
collect memorabilia from their favorite professional teams, but
others collect items related to golf, fishing, and other
recreation sports. Collecting requires a certain amount of
space, but collectors are creative about finding ways to display
their collectibles.

If you have a favorite pro team or two there are many items you
can collect related to those teams. For instance, you can create
scrapbooks in which you save clippings about exciting games,
favorite players, and special interviews. You can keep ticket
stubs and photographs in your scrapbook, too. Other items,
however, won't fit into a scrapbook, such as a game ball, team
jersey, or a team's annual yearbook. These items will need other
storage. There are stands for special balls, and jerseys look
great hanging on a hanger on the wall.

You might like to collect souvenir items from all types of
sports. Most professional teams sell small metal pins with their
insignia on them. Pin collecting is a widely practiced hobby,
and sports teams are one of the hottest types of collectible
pins, as are those commemorating the Olympics. Another option
for sports collecting is to collect antique sports equipment.
Vintage baseball gloves are an example of this type of

Baseball cards have long been a source of recreation. Sports
collecting enthusiasts have collected baseball cards, football
cards, and basketball cards for many years, although baseball
cards were the first. This is such a popular hobby that some
cards are worth a lot of money, such as a rookie card of a
player like Willie Mays.

Other collectors like to accumulate things that illustrate
their favorite recreation sports. Collecting items decorated
with fish, horses, or golfers are examples of these types of
collections. For instance, if you enjoy hunting with dogs, you
can decorate your home in a hunting dog theme. There are throw
pillows printed with handsome hunting dogs, as well as with the
game they help you find. You may find lamps that have a hunting
dog as the base. You can even have curtains made from hunting
dog printed material! The same can be done around the theme of
golf, horseback riding, whether western or eastern, bass
fishing, sailboats, and other popular recreation sports.
Collecting is a hobby that offers many options!

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