A Little Bit About White's Metal Detectors
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=J_C_Christian]J C Christian

White's beginnings go back as far as 1950 and the uranium craze. This was a period of time in the US when all over the country people were looking for uranium . It was at this time that the only Geiger Counters available used headphones and Ken White Sr (founder of White's Electronics) quickly learned that the headphones created a problem when used in rattlesnake country. So he invented a better product and because the leading Geiger Counter manufacturers told him his design was impossible he decided to manufacture it himself. In the beginning an employee of his company could only manage to build one of his designs each day and because they were so well received that within 7 years of producing the first one he had now begun employing 65 people to work on them.

But in 1958 the Government in the US announced that it would no longer be purchasing uranium and for many this seemed the end but all was not lost where the White's growing business was concerned. So at the request of a former dealer of uranium in Tombstone, Arizona Ken White was persuaded to build a metal detector. The dealer who requested the detector when out on his first outing with the instrument found a Spanish spur (large piece of silver), several artifacts and a few coins. The success of this first outing was written up in a book that had Ken White's name and address on it. It was now 1959 and suddenly orders and requests for information begun to pour into the company and this marked the beginning of White's Electronics as it is known today.

Today, White's Electronics is a world leader in both the design and manufacture of metal detectors and is currently being led by Ken White Jr and Mary White with the same philosophy that has been so successful for Ken White Sr over the last 50 years. White's give their customers quality and value for money where their equipment is concerned and numerous patents are physical proof of their commitment to maintaining their leadership role in the world of metal detectors. As the technology of the electronics industry has changed so has the White's Metal Detector technology changed also. From the vacuum tubes to the more sophisticated computer driven metal detectors used by hobbyists around the world and by both security and industry as well.

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