Many people do not know what type of metal detector they should purchase. White Spectrum XLT can be found in local and national dealers all over the world and has endured and surpassed the test of time. It can be easily used and is user-friendly.

Even beginners could use it. The manual is available and is easily understood. This model is used most often at the beach in Jewelry or Beach mode. It can also be used in Relic mode. When it is in relic mode, the depth is enhanced and the results can be amusing. However, using it on the beach in the relic mode is not that favorable. Because of the thick, black sand and stones, it reveals too many false targets so it is recommended that you use the metal detector in Beach mode rather than Relic Mode. Using the product is the best way to learn its features. And later on you can easily read the signals. Another plus point is that it is very easy and convenient to carry.

Another model is the White’s Pro XL 6000. Most people buy it because of its fascinating look. Unlike the White Spectrum which has more buttons to use and to look over, there are less buttons to scroll through when adjusting or changing the settings. However, familiarizing yourself and getting used to it may require a little time. But once you know and become familiar with it, it will be very useful. Compared to the White Spectrum, White Pro XL 6000 has a little more depth and intensity.

It does, however, have its own downsides. Some say that the knobs of the Pro XL are quite loose and when adjusting it, you have to be careful not to hit it with your arms. It is quite sensitive and bumping it may require you to start or reset the adjustments. Some users put a rubber band around the knobs to keep them from moving or becoming loose.

You should buy a metal detector that is light weight. This is important when you are detecting things on a riverbank or body of water. Of course, it is good to know how to choose and adjust the frequencies of the metal detector especially when you are using it on the beach. It is also important that you use it at a strategic place or location. When using it on the beach, the modes should be adjusted so that the depth and intensity will be specified and clear. Lastly, familiarize yourself with the metal detector you are using to obtain the best results. Simon Oliver has an interest in Metal Detecting. To access more articles on Metal Detecting or for additional information and resources visit this Metal Detectors related website.

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