If you are avid metal detecting fan you are always looking for new places to discover treasure. You may like to go to the beach, to the park, or different playgrounds in your area. These obviously are wide open spaces and give you a lot of area you can cover with the metal detector. But you know what; metal detecting in the woods can be just as much fun and just as profitable.

If you decide to metal detecting in the woods here are some things you may consider and the places that you may look. You can look on old trails, trail made in the past that had now overgrown, trails used for wagons in the past, and anywhere there are signs that houses may have been in the area.

Back before automobiles and streets were readily accessible people had to make their own trails so along the way they would stop. Just like coins that you find in your seat cushions or in your car that have fallen out of your pocket the same thing could have happened to people who used these trails. Also, maybe during these travels they decided that some of the stuff they were carrying was too heavy and put it aside.

Many times houses that used to sit in the woods are no longer there and have not been there for quite awhile. People used to live in these houses so obviously they have possessions and any time you have a house there will be old remnants left behind. Over time they just get covered up and wait for you to come get them.

A good way to make metal detecting in the woods profitable is to go to a library in your area and see if there were any maps from a while back. If you do find maps this will give you a good idea of where some trails and where houses were located there are no longer there. Once you find where the houses and trails were located, bingo, you may just found the jackpot.

If you're looking for a new place to metal detect and a new adventure try the woods in your area, just think about people who have lived there in the past and some of the stuff they may have left behind. Finding treasure in the woods may be easier than you think.

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