Every beach will be different in the fact that they may have ordinances that will allow you to metal detect or not. Always check with these ordinances to make sure that you are allowed to metal detect and in some cases there will be specific times when you can metal detect. If anytime is okay to metal detect the best time to begin beachcombing is in early morning or in the evening after everybody has left the beach. Beachcombing at this time will give you the best chance to find the most labels and treasure.

An often overlooked area to metal detect in on the beach is the area as people are walking from cars to the ocean or the beach leading up to the ocean. This area is typically chock-full of finds because a lot of people have their hands full or unaware of what exactly is falling onto the sand.

When looking for a metal detector there are couple things you need to consider to make sure that you get the best metal detector for your money. Of course the first thing you want to consider is finding a metal detector that fits within your budget but at the same time is quality enough that you do not end up wasting your time while metal detecting. If you know what type of environment you plan to be doing the most metal detecting you may want to consider some of the features of the individual metal detector.

Take into consideration the company you are purchasing the metal detector from and what type of warrantee and their reputation for customer service. A lot of metal detectors have several bells and whistles that can malfunction, make sure that if something happens to the metal detector the company will stand behind their work.

Metal detecting in dry sand is a lot of fun and can yield a lot of results. I hope you found this article helpful and informative good luck on your metal detecting expeditions.

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