1. Late at night or bright and early!

Some the best treasures can be found if you decide to go metal detecting light at night or early in the morning. You can avoid big crowds and you should have free reign of the location that you will be metal detecting at. If you metal detect late at night or early in the morning you can avoid people that wear jewelry that may interfere with your metal detecting.

2. Join a metal detecting club

If you are new to metal detecting seek out a metal detecting club. Typically, a metal detecting club will have people that have been involved in metal detecting for quite awhile and can help guides you as far as locations and techniques. Metal detecting club members may also get you fired up by some of the stories that they tell about some of the treasures that they have come across in the past. This will be especially helpful if you tried metal detecting and had very little success in the past.

3. Rain rain go away

Rain rain go away, what does this have to do with metal detecting? Rain has to do with metal detecting because after a rain it is easier to dig through the soil and locate your findings. This will also allow the metal detector to reach deeper into the ground and you may be able to find treasures in locations where you had metal detected before.

Being a beginner can be tough when trying to find information about metal detectors if you like these tips go to part two of this article to get the remaining tips.

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