Not only can you make extra money using a metal detector, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of exercise in the outdoors.

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive metal detector with all of the bells and whistles either. You can purchase one for around two hundred dollars. Any of the major detector manufacturers have beginner’s models for this price. And if you stay with the hobby, and don’t become discouraged, you can end up paying for that detector with your found coins.

I know retired individuals who earn extra money by using a metal detector.

Young children are fascinated with metal detectors and have fun finding coins. It’s a great hobby to start them in.

Many people who purchase their first metal detector end up with a lifelong love of the hobby and become treasure hunters searching for buried caches and lost treasures.

Ten Places To Use A Detector To Make Extra Money

Once you purchase your detector read the owners manual and learn how to use it correctly. When you’re ready to go detect’en, here’s some great places to begin. I can’t guarantee how many coins you’ll find, but over time, with practise your finds will increase.

· Parks-
· Schoolyards
· Parking Meters
· Bus Stops
· Between The Curb and Side walk
· Fairgrounds
· Beaches
· Lost and Found
· Home Sites
· Old and new Church yards
· RV Parks
· Ball Fields

Parks and Schoolyards

Parks of all types yield a constant flow of lost and dropped coins. As an added bonus, lost jewelry like gold and silver rings are also being located.

How many of us lost our lunch money while playing in the schoolyard? It still happens today.

Parking Meters

I’m not talking about stealing them. Seriously though, I know one fellow who metal detects the grassy areas around parking meters. This is an overlooked area when it comes to metal detecting. People are dropping coins not only into the meters, but onto the ground as well.

Bus Stops

Same idea as those parking meters. Many people lose change as they fumble in their pockets or purses looking for bus fare.

Between The Curb And The Sidewalk

Here’s another area that is overlooked when it comes to metal detecting. That grassy area between a sidewalk and the curbing holds many coins. And like parking meters and bus stops they are in every city, town and village.


How about detecting the area of the nearest fairground? And if you can locate an old fairground, you’ll have those old coins to pick up as well.


Any beach that has heavy use is a potential for finding lots of coins as well as silver and gold rings.

When people are at the beach and they are using sun tan lotions, the lotions make it easy for rings to slide off. If you can detect the water as well as the beach your in for some great finds.

Lost and Found

How about running an ad in your local newspaper in the “Lost and Found” section. People who have lost rings or jewelry will often pay a “finders” fee to anyone who can locate the item.

Home Sites

If you get permission to metal detect the yards of homes, especially the older homes, you’ll end up finding more than just lost or dropped coins. Artifacts of every kind can be found there. And with the popularity of ebay, anything can be sold. Just be sure to have the property owner’s permission to sell anything you find. Better yet, offer to split the selling price with them.

Old and New Church Yards

Wherever people gather they lose items. And church functions that are held outdoors are no different. If you can get permission to search the older churchyards where many picnics were once held, you’ll have loads of fun finding older coins and jewelry. RV Parks

I know a few individuals who own RV’s and they never fail to bring along a metal detector to detect the RV parks they stay at. With gas prices as high as they are today, finding coins in RV parks help to pay for that gas.

Ball Fields

Just imagine how many coins are lost while someone is sliding into home plate, or any base for that matter.

How about lost coins while playing tackle football, or running around on a soccer field. Men and women do lose coins and jewelry while participating in sports.

You can make extra money with a metal detector in many different areas. You will be limited only by your imagination. Research other areas that may interest you. Just be sure to ask for permission whenever you are in doubt of where you are going to metal detect.

Frank W. Pandozzi is a treasure hunter and TV producer. He started metal detecting schoolyards twenty-five years ago. If your really adventurous and would like to find out more ways to participate in metal detecting, like searching the areas around old ghost towns, please visit Frank at