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Geocachers use GPS units to find hidden treasure
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Published on 03/26/2007

FLORENCE -- It was 2003 when Larry "Keymaker" Boroff was surfing the Internet for some software updates for his global positioning system unit when he discovered geocaching.

The retired Reynolds Metals maintenance supervisor had been using his GPS unit mostly for marking hunting and fishing spots.

On Saturday, Boroff was recognized by fellow geocachers at Florence's Veterans Memorial Park for finding more than 5,000 caches.

Geocaching involves finding a hidden treasure using a GPS unit and the navigational coordinates of the hidden item's location.

Caches can be as small as a half-inch diameter metal container to larger containers, such as ammunition boxes.

GPS enthusiast Dave Ulmer unwittingly created geocaching when he hid a container in the woods and posted the coordinates on a Web site to see if others could find it.