Treasure Hunting With Metal Detectors
By David Cowley

People who use metal detectors for treasure hunting do tend to
run up against an image problem. The media and comedians like
Steve Martin have poked a lot of fun at people who use these
detectors. But perhaps treasure hunters can have the last laugh
when their detectors turn up something valuable, which has
happened in the past and is sure to happen again in the near

It's Easy To Get Started

The price of good quality, lightweight metal detectors have
been going down in recent years. You can find them at Sears, for
goodness' sakes. A basic metal detector will cost you less than
$200. You can always add on bits and pieces from treasure
hunting supply stores (usually found online) and from online
auction sites like eBay. It's good to get a taste of the hobby
before making a big financial commitment.

There are professional-quality metal detectors that can be used
on boats, as well as other vehicles. There are those with ground
radar that can usually detect how far down in the earth a piece
of metal is and some even guess what the metal is and in some
cases determine the shape of the metal object. Metal detectors
are used in this case by surveyors, utility companies looking
for pipelines and miners. The detectors used for these
professions can often run into five figures.

There are many different types of detectors on the market. If
you are just starting out you may want to consider the Land or
Relic detectors. They have fewer features and are easy for the
beginner to start with, just turn in on and go. Then can be used
on land and even in a couple of inches of water. Most of the
coils are waterproof, just keep the electronics out of the water
and you will be ok.

As the price increases for the detectors the more complicated
they become. More and more practice will be needed to become an
expert with the device but in the long run you will spend less
time digging up trash.

You Are Not Alone

Treasure hunting is a hobby that not only lets you get to play
with big toys, perhaps make some money, but also gets your
outside and exercising. You should be exercising regularly,
anyway, but just doing the same old exercises over and over
again can get boring. And, you can also make new friends with
the treasure hunting hobby.

There are treasure hunting clubs all over the country. In order
to find out the closest one to you, contact the Federation of
Metal Detector and Archeological Clubs (FMDAC). Although most of
these clubs cater to adults, there are some clubs strictly for
kids and some clubs will allow kids to enter with an adult.
There are treasure hunting clubs in other countries besides
America. For example, in England, the use of metal detectors for
treasure hunting has gone up 20% in the year 2006.

There have been incredible things found by regular people with
metal detectors. These finds include rare coins, buried cars and
ancient artifacts. And if you loose your wedding ring in a
forest, chances are you'll be able to find it again before your
spouse finds out about your little accident.

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