Treasure Hunting For Civil War Artifacts
By David Cowley

If you're a modern-day treasure hunter you may wonder how you
can find some great Civil War artifacts, whether on your own or
through another seller that has already found them for you.
Believe it or not, there are still some great items you can find
from the Civil War even after all these decades.

Obviously in order to hunt up some Civil War artifacts you're
going to need some equipment. Metal detectors are not just for
beach bums anymore, and they have become much more sophisticated
and useful in the past few years. For instance, many today have
their electronic components built into the headphones you wear,
meaning that the stick part of the detector is much lighter than
it once was. This eliminates a lot of the arm fatigue you would
normally have when hunting down artifacts in a large field.
There's nothing more irritating when treasure hunting than to
have to stop and rest your arm simply because your equipment is
poorly built and far too heavy!

You would also need to travel to where you can find some great
Civil War artifacts in order to find these great items. Chances
are you won't find anything in areas such as Michigan,
California, or Maine. Instead you need to do your hunting where
there were significant battles in order to find great Civil War
memorabilia. These states include areas such as Virginia,
Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina,
Tennessee, and areas like this.

It's also important that you understand just what you're
looking for by way of Civil War artifacts. Not every coin or
piece of metal you find is going to be an actual artifact and
there's no guarantee that it has any connection to the Civil
War. It's also important that you obey local laws and respect
property rights of those who may live in the areas where you're
going to find Civil War antiques. Obviously you can't just start
walking up and down the streets of Virginia, waving your metal
detector, and lay claim to anything and everything you find!
Public parks, beaches, and other such places are really the only
places where you can openly go and search and then keep what you

You can hunt for artifacts on private property if you first get
permission from the owner. Remember to always leave nothing
behind except footprints. You do not want the next person that
tries to hunt in the same area but is denied permission because
you left holes in the ground or you left a soda can behind.

If you're serious about hunting down Civil War artifacts you
need to do your homework. Many people assume that real treasure
hunters spend all their time out in the field digging up relics,
but in reality much of your time is probably going to be spent
in the library or online. You need to understand what to look
for, where to find them, and where to sell them once they're
found if that's what you want to do with them. And because
antiques can be greatly compromised in value when they are cared
for improperly, it's important to be sure you clean and store
them appropriately. Even the sturdiest of Civil War memorabilia
needs to be taken care of delicately in order to preserve it for
the next several centuries as well!

Happy treasure hunting.

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