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Tesoro Metal Detector Review
Larry Smith
Larry Smith is an avid coin collector and metal detector enthusiast. He's been collecting coins for over 50 years. Larry is giving away his ebook, "Coin Collecting With The Home TOwn Advantage" FREE for a limited time. You can get your copy and start building (or expanding) your own collection right now. 
By Larry Smith
Published on 02/15/2009

Find thousands of coins, artifacts, gold and silver jewelry with a metal detector that will not cost you a fortune. The Tesoro Silver Sabre uMax is rugged, dependable, simple to learn and has a lifetime guarantee. This detector goes deep and has a waterproof coil.

Tesoro Metal Detector Review

You do not have to spend $1000.00 to compete for finding the rare or ancient coins that have been lost. Tesoro Metal Detectors offers the Silver Sabre uMax that retails for $299.99 and compete's with many of the big boys that cost hundreds more. I owned an original Silver Sabre back in the late 1980's that paid for itself close to ten times as I found over 1000 silver dimes with it ranging from 1853 to 1964 in age and over 10,000 total coins. Silver Max is a good name as its sensitivity to small silver coins is excellent.

The new version uMax has the same great features of silent search in both all metal and discriminate modes. It can be differentiated from the original by its very small housing, the Max Boost technology that provides increased sensitivity and depth in lightly mineralized soil, and a microprocessor. Having an operation frequency of 10kHz, it is also sensitive to gold and low conductive coin metals like brass. This great no bells and whistles metal detector is very rugged, depedable, and can be used for hunting relics, coin shooting and beach detecting.

It is presently on sell for less than $240.00 with free shipping. Get yours now! It makes a great Christmas gift for all ages as it is fully adjustable, weighs only 2.2 pounds and requires only one 9 volt battery. All Tesoro metal detectors come with a lifetime warranty covering workmanship and material quality. Get yourself a metal detector that will go deep and help you build a fabulous coin collection, find many other treasures and not cost you an arm or leg.

Here's to "diggin it"!


Larry Smith is an avid Coin Collector and Metal Detectorist. With over 45 years experience, he's fast becoming a world renowned expert in the field. Larry has put together a free ebook sharing his advice, insight, and amazing stories. He also gives away a FREE dug coin on the 15th of every month. You can enter to win your own coin and get his free ebook right now by going to:

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