Having a "finding" mindset is what is needed for all treasure hunters. In more than 38 years of metal detecting, I have practiced this approach. The accumulation of over 150,000 coins, collectibles, and jewelry pieces in 38 years may not seem like much to the average detectorist, but consider this. For 31 of those years I was a full time educator, had an evening job (most of the time) and was a children's minister too. Time for metal detecting came only after home and family needs were met and it was very limited. I would find an hour here and there to do my favorite hobby, coin collecting with a metal detector. My best daytime coin find total is 244 found in four hours. That is a coin a minute. My best night hunt coin total is 119 in about 6 hours, or a coin every three minutes. These are outstanding ratios of coins to time. The night time best took place on a church campground and I got started at midnight after all 175 children and helpers were in bed for the night (19 of the total coins consisted of silver dimes dating from 1892). How can a Detector user acquire or establish a finding mindset that produces outstanding results like these?

Being a consistent finder is easy but takes practice. Long before I ever used a metal detector I was a treasure hunter. At age 5, after spending 2 years in a tubercular hospital, I was ready to discover life and find treasure. Learning to look for "things" was a natural as my confinement in that hospital with children dying continually made me want to catch up with life. I found thousands of coins and other keepsakes by just focusing on the ground and every part of the environment around me. The first step is to focus on finding.

Step two involves a universal law, the Law of Attraction. Visualize yourself finding treasure. Treasure abounds and you can attract it into your life. Create your own treasure scene or map by putting pictures of the kinds of treasure you would like to find on the wall or near your desk, bed, or even better on your computer. Visualize them routinely every day and see the magic take place. What you focus on you will attract. I have found many pieces of gold jewelry in parking lots and parkways in my use of this law. Found a 1793 Spanish eight reale and a 1892 Columbus commemorative half dollar in a convenient store parking lot as I was getting out of my GMC to go buy a cold drink. Finding 51dollar bills floating below the surface of the water at Daytona Beach in ten minutes time is a great example of attraction at work. One short metal detecting hunt on a schoolyard turned up over 50 silver coins with 36 being my favorite silver piece, the Mercury dime.

Before leaving the house to go detecting, I had pulled out an album of better condition Mercury dimes that I was putting together, and 7 of those 36 dimes were extra fine condition slot fillers. I consider the Law of Attraction, a spiritual law. Many of my best finds have come when I spent the best part of Saturday in a ministry capacity, and only had a hour or so to hunt. These coins are a part of my belief system of the Law of Attraction. I went to the right places and found 1904 O Barber half (XF), 1881 Seated dime (AU 58), 1916 S, 1923 & 25 P Mercury dimes (Full Split Bands AU/BU), 1924 P Standing Liberty quarter (BU 63), 1861 Seated Half (BU 63), a 1882 S (XF) Morgan Dollar with doubling and other minting errors that make it possibly one of a kind and extremely valuable. I can list many other exceptional quality coins that were dug-up treasure that came to me as a result of this attraction force working in a limited time frame.

The third and final step in developing the treasure finding mindset is, believing in your self. You are a great treasure hunter. You can do it and do not let anyone dissuade you by putting you, and or, your positive mindset down. I give Jack, my fishing guide buddy, credit for teaching me that I can take authority over elements around me, and my daughter Lisa Diane who helped me to see the power of attraction in a big way. I hope you will put these steps into action and blow us all away by sharing your Treasure "Finding" adventures.


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