Personal web sites, blogs and forums can teach a wealth of information about the metal detector(s) that you own. I went online today and learned three new techniques for my Fisher CZ 20. I have been using this detector for almost 10 years and thought I knew everything about it. Two of those techniques came from a personal web site that I found by a Google search with the words metal detecting. The third technique I found at a forum when I entered Fisher CZ 20 techniques into my Google search.

Mark, a fellow Florida beach hunter, gave me this tip for surf and general beach hunting as well. He says that a loop angle support for your coil will keep your coil at the correct angle in rough surf. I have ordered one. He also suggests carrying a screwdriver along with your sand scoop in case you run into a layer of shell. Use it as a pick to get through the shell but be careful not to damage your find.

Another web site gave me this tip for helping to keep a lawn area pristine after retrieving a find in dry weather. Carry a bottle of water/fertilizer mixture and douse the replaced plug area. I like this tip, for private lawns are the largest untouched area available to the the metal detecting hobby. Getting permission by letter or permission form is not that hard. My brother, an insurance agent for a number of years, used permission forms in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina to hunt yards of his customers and build a great Civil War relics collection. Mike also found many 1800 era coins too.

I am a test garden fanatic but I never practiced this technique that I received from a new ebook that I purchased online last week. the writer said to bury coins both over and under a variety of junk items and test all of your detectors and all of the coils for them to learn how they respond to these situations. As a record keeper, I would also suggest recording this information that could make a big difference in hunting a variety of high junk or trash areas. This would also assist in determining which detector and coil(s) would be best suited for specific hunting conditions. I am going to make a new test garden as a result of this information.

The few new techniques (new for me) just discussed will mean more coin and relic finds for me. I did not share the three CZ techniques with you on purpose. If you own a Fisher CZ or are interested in buying one you to can learn like I did. Happy research!

Here's to "diggin it"!


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