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You Can Find Gold With A Metal Detector - Over $300 Worth Of Gold Found In A Local City Park
Joesph Buffalo

Over 30 years in the electronic industry. Management, sales, marketing. Has written various articles on ebay business, and treasure hunting. Enjoys Metal Detecting treasure hunting. Collectibles on line.

By Joesph Buffalo
Published on 02/7/2009

Metal Detecting is a fun hobby or business. Many treasure hunters combine business
with pleasure in treasure hunting. There is treasure buried all over the US and the world just waiting for you to come by.

Here is an interesting story on one of our great finds. Coin shooting in a park. Over $300 worth of gold found in a local city park!

Beach and Water Treasure Hunting with a Metal Detector

You Can Find Gold With A Metal Detector - Over $300 Worth Of Gold Found In A Local City Park

It was a typical hot July afternoon in the Arizona desert. The temperature hit the 107 degree mark.

We should have followed our fellow man and been in doors under the air conditioner. But the thrill of the hunt for treasure with metal detectors overshadowed the heat.

Myself and a cousin packed our trusty medal detectors and headed for one of the local parks. We were going to coin shooting that day. At least our better sense did prevail....we stayed out of the hot desert and real close to water
and shady trees.

The park we picked was built some 20 years ago, so we knew the coins would not be vintage, but the excitement of finding any coins was fun. With parks you want to coin shoot under children swings, by refreshment stands, around swimming pools and sports areas.

We had been searching for about an hour. There were all denominations of coins, with the oldest about 20 years old. All toll about $1.55. Not a kings ransom, but the fun and exercise was worth
something. We were about to pack it in and head for one of our wateringholes. The last area to be searched was the basketballcourt. I found a couple of quarters, dime and about 15 pennies. My
cousin was searching behind one of the backstops and got real solidhit. Buried about 2 inches was an older 18 karat boys high schoolclass ring with a very large stone. The gold content alone was worth
around $375.00. Gold was selling for around $500 an ounce the day he found it.

We called it a day.

TIP: Make sure you check with the local authorities about
using metal detectors in the parks. Most cases you may need a permit
from the city, county.

Author has over 30 years in the electronic industry. Management, sales, technical, business. Metal Detecting is one of many hobbies.

Beach and Water Hunting with a Metal Detector