Items you want to take to the park are;

* Metal detector with at least a 6" coil

*Flathead Screw driver or other digging instrument.

*String or rope to line out your search area.

*Sand Scoop for sand play box, volleyball court or any other play area with sand.

*Water for drinking. Maybe some snacks.

If you have lived in the area for a long time you have an advantage in locating some good older parks in your city.

Sit down and think about how certain location were 20, 30, 40 years ago. Maybe you went to a local school some 25 years ago. That would be a good place to start.

Later on I am going to tell you how we found gold in a city park, worth over $300.

I like coin shooting parks early in the morning. Not so many lookie lookers. Some of the best places to coin shoot at schools and parks are around and under swings, slides, jungle gyms and similar play ground equipment.
Basketball courts, Volleyball courts are very good. This is were the sand scoop comes in handy. Don't forget any concession stands at the parks.

Before you map out your search, sit down and look over the search area. Visualize you doing what a person would be doing at the site. Lets use a volleyball court with sand base. The first area you want to search is around the
fringe of the court in the grass. People will sit along the edge to watch the amateurs play. When you get a hit, use your flat nose screw driver to push down to the item and rock it back and forth. This will generally move the coin or item to
the surface.

The next area of the court is in the sand. You can lay out some cord to do a grid search so you don't overlook any section of the court. When you get a hit, use your sand scoop. We have found coins, jewelry, rings in many sand


Kids seam to have a lot of loose change these days, far cry from my days, when fifty cents let me in the movies, two hot dogs and a coke. Check under the swing sets, you can locate some nice change there.

Coin Shooting is fun. Takes patients and control but sometimes it pays big.

Joe has over 30 years in the electronic industry. Coin shooting with metal detector is one of many hobbies.

Found over $300 worth of Gold in a city park. Read all about it at AZMULETREASURES