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Can You Be Arrested For Using a Metal Detector In Parks?
Joesph Buffalo

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By Joesph Buffalo
Published on 02/7/2009

Can you be arrested using a metal detector? The short of it is yes. On the federal level, in all federal parks, all US Parks, and historical sites and monuments there is no treasure hunting allowed. You could be arrested for just having a metal detector in your car in a national park. About two-thirds of the states has some type of restrictive park rules for the state parks.

Can You Be Arrested For Using a Metal Detector In Parks?

In some parks, they will allow you to search but you have to pay $$ and you get a permit. In other state parks, for instance the historical State Park, they just say "no." It varies tremendously. About two-thirds of the states have some sort of regulation varying from "absolutely no" to "yes, you can metal detect hunt at this time.

In general it is best to ask if you're going into a state park, ask if treasure hunting is allowed. Most cities in the US have no restrictions on treasure hunting other than restrictions on vandalism; don't destroy property.

There are a lot of cities and counties want you to purchase a permit. It's not very expensive. They tell me it is primarily to know who is out there digging holes in the parks. Where I am located, the city lets you metal detect parks without charge, but you need a permit. No hunting at city buildings or historical sites. The county says, No to metal detecting in county parks. If you treasure hunt on private land, make sure you get the owners permission.

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