Talk to the senior citizens in your area. Find some that have lived in the area for a long time. Find out where they played as children, where the church picnics were held, Old ball parks, (includes concession stands). Old building long torn down, but the lot is still vacant. Talk to older hunters in your area. They may know where there are some old foundations, caves etc.

We found some old auto parts, including an Arizona 1933 copper license plate. This plate was in excellent condition. It was buried about 1 foot. This lead came from a road crew, who was going to build a new bridge over some old ranch foundations.

Another idea for finding some out of the way sites is to obtain some old maps of your area. Search local flee markets and garage sales for these maps or visit your local library and historical society, they will most likely have what you are looking for. A good map will be very detailed and show where structures and homesteads were; they will also show points of interest.

Since I'm a senior citizen and have lived in the same town for last 45+ years; I started thinking about locations I knew. One was an old little league ballpark, abandoned some 30 years ago. It was now a big vacant lot. I remembered where the stands where and the concession stand was located. I located some very nice silver coins over a two-hour hunt. Plus a ladies diamond ring.

You need to look for different places to hunt. Parks in your area most likely have been picked over by you and others. Use the tips in this report, and find virgin metal detecting spots to hunt. You may be in for a surprise!

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