Start a lost and found business. Let friends and neighbors that you will find lost articles for people who have lost jewelry, keys, or anything they have lost. This could be a good business because most precious items that are lost, individuals cannot put a price on the item.

Metal detecting can be quite a lucrative business if you do it correctly. There's not a lot of competition in this type of business, and in many cases if you satisfy customers the word will spread and people will be calling you.

Assist your local law enforcement agency to locate lost or missing evidence items. Search an area of a crime scene for possible firearm, knife or some other metal item. This tip usually works best in smaller communities. The smaller law enforcement agencies do not have the searching equipment as larger agencies. Also if you have lived in the smaller community for a good length of time, you probably know someone connected to the law system. Ask around. See how they handle searching for metal evidence that is not easily visible.

I bet if you started thinking about ways to earn money with your detector you could come up with a few.

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