The primary one's you are looking for are the bleachers still sitting on dirt, or no longer there.

A few years ago I remembered where an old deserted school use to be in our area. This was an old town no longer around. Unfortunately over the years vandals have torn down all the buildings and destroyed the place. The old ball field has since grown over with brush. It took us some time to figure out where we thought the old bleachers were. We started searching the ground were the bleachers once stood. I was amazed how many coins we found; some were visible on top of the soil. We searched for about 2 to 3 hours and came away with some nice silver coins. Also found was an old bracelet, lighter, silver spoons. All these items were over 40 years old.

We have found the finds at the older places are more valuable in age when it comes to coins. We have mentioned many times how important research can be when it comes to finding treasures. If your not from the area or have not lived there very long, locate an area of town that looks like it has the older dwellings. Visit the local business establishments. The local food market, restaurants, gas stations etc. If you see a senior citizen ask them about the area. Do they know where some older schools or old fairgrounds are located. You be surprised how many locations you can come up with, depending the age of the town.

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