Here are a few simple tips to help identify the different items.

Obviously become familiar with your detector. Take a series of coins, (cent, nickel, dime, quarter, half) and a silver or gold ring, bottle tab, pull-tab. The rings can be the inexpensive types. Bury each at
different depths. Bury them far enough apart so you don't get readings from two different sources.

Use your metal detector and slowly move over each item. Write down each type of sound you hear. Also record the depth. If you have a discriminator do the same thing. Test different settings to how far you
can go to eliminate the caps and tabs and not eliminate nickels and rings. You are trying to remember the types of sounds for each item.

Depending on the model and type of detector you own, there is a strong possibility when you tune out the caps and tabs, you also tune out nickels and a few rings. This is were the tones and sounds you
remember are very instrumental in not missing the good finds. Pull-tabs usually will give off a double hit tone as you pass over it.

I hope you found some value here. This information may seem basic, but I think you grasp the importance of learning about your detector and it's capabilities.

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