On one metal detecting trip I was searching around an old foundation. There was a small tree near the foundation. The desert temperature that day was hitting 103 degrees. Not to bad with the very low
Humidity. I got a strike (no pun intended) between the foundation and tree. I turned my back to the tree because it was partially offering some shade to my search area. I bent down to dig the hit from my Metal detector. That dreadful sound of "rattling" tail pierced the air. I very slowly turned and coiled up under the base of the tree, within 4 feet was a 3-foot rattlesnake.

If he struck I was hoping he would hit the high top leather hunting boots I was wearing. He elected not to strike and just wanted to be alone. I honored that wish very rapidity.

Here are a few suggestions about being in areas where snakes could be present.

Rattlesnakes are timid by nature and will not strike unless they feel threatened.

Be careful where you place your hands and feet, and where you sit.

Do not approach or pick up snakes--whether they are venomous or non-venomous. Most snakes will leave if left alone.

Try not to go treasure hunting by yourself. If you're unfortunate and do get bitten,

According to the American Red Cross, these steps should be taken:

Remain calm.

Wash the bite with clean water and soap.

Immobilize the bitten area and keep it lower than the heart.

If the bite is on the hand or arm remove any rings, watches or tight clothing.

Get medical help immediately. (30 minutes)

If a victim is unable to reach medical care within 30 minutes, a bandage, wrapped two to four inches above the bite, may help slow venom. The bandage should not cut off blood flow from a vein or artery. A good rule of thumb is to make the band loose enough that a finger can slip under it.

Just be careful when your in areas where snakes my be present.

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