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Racetrack Treasure Hunting With a Metal Detector
Joesph Buffalo

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By Joesph Buffalo
Published on 02/7/2009

We are going to show you how to find hidden Treasures at old racetracks.

Do you have an old racetrack in your area? Ideally one no longer in use. The primary focus will be where the bleachers and concession stand were located.

During races the fans clapped, yelled and jumped up and down. They lost money, jewelry and other items. Normally if they knew they lost the item, and unless it was very valuable they would not bother to go under the bleachers to look for it.

Racetrack Treasure Hunting With a Metal Detector

We have lived in our town for over 40 years. There is an old long abandon track where they used to race Stock cars. You wouldn't know it existed unless you knew or heard about it.

This is where research is the key.

I remembered this one track very well, because it was one of the spots a group of us went to on my bachelor wedding night. The old track was located on fenced private property and we had to get the owners permission to Treasure hunt.

Our hunt turned up a nice bunch of 40-50 year old coins, a ladies gold ring, keys, old bottle cap opener.

All in all it was fun looking at history of our area.

Here are a few tips on locating old racing tracks.

*Visit a current local racetrack and ask around. I bet you will find someone who will remember some old Sites.

*Check with local racing clubs. Some of the old timers will know were those old tracks were located. You'll be surprised on the amount of information you will get about the town.

All you need to do is research the area and the rewards will come.

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