I was able to watch real close since I had my binoculars.

As I observed it appeared each treasure hunter was scooping sand about every 5 minutes. I decided to focus on a lady swinging her detector side to side at a rapid pace. It was hard to see they types of coins she was finding but on one occasion, as she scooped the sand and looked at the item, it was no doubt it was a bracelet.

Most fellow detector enthusiast are happy to talk about their finds just as long as you don't look like competition for their area. Since I left my detector in the car, I appeared as no threat.

I approached her and indicated we observed her bracelet find and was curious. As we talked she indicated her occupation was a nurse. Coin shooting on the beach was a hobby and a way to relax. She was using a Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II. It was paid for by her finds on the beach.

Three months ago she found two ladies Bracelets (One later confirmed as silver with diamonds, the other was gold and cubic Z's) on the same day. She ran classified ads in the newspaper to see if the owners could be located. One lady came forward to claim her diamond bracelet. It turned out to be a 40th wedding anniversary present. I'm not sure how much it was worth, but the treasure hunter received $100 reward.

The other bracelet she found turned out to be gold with Cubic Z stones. Because of the size of the stones, a local jeweler indicated it was worth around $200. Very good day for this one beach treasure hunter.

Tips for treasure hunting on the beach.

1. Use at least a 6-inch coil.

2. Bring a good sand scoop.

3. Use earphones

4. Bag for your finds

5. To search a pattern bring rope or string to map your grid search.

6. If you forget material for the grid, just draw square grid with you scoop

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